A sperm test is a basic test enabling us to assess a man’s fertility.

Our offer::


- it is designed in the style of “erotic glamour” and therefore, it offers a unique space for the senses


- it is located in the most remote part of the clinic, away from other patients visiting our facility


- it is equipped with a multimedia system, which enables a patient to choose a video matching their sophisticated tastes


- it is connected with our semen laboratory through an airlock with a pass-through window and therefore, the patient does not have to leave the room with the semen container. The patient leaves it in the airlock and switches on the lighting system, which informs the laboratory about the completed procedure

Moreover, for the comfort of our patients, we have created the possibility of donating semen into a special condom, in the presence of a partner. Condoms are available in our clinic.

Preparation for semen analysis

We recommend sexual abstinence for 3-5 days prior to semen analysis. The analysis should not be performed if you have an infection accompanied by fever. It is possible to have the semen donated at home analysed. In such a case, semen must be delivered to us within not more than one hour from its donation and it must be transported at body temperature (around 37 degrees Celsius).
Semen donated at home should be placed in a sterile urine container (available in drugstores).

We recommend sperm donation in our clinic.

Sperm deposit

When to use a sperm deposit?

– We will freeze your sperm if you and your partner are preparing for insemination or an in vitro procedure and you know that you will not be available on the day of the procedure.
– When you are to undergo chemotherapy or radiation therapy and you would like to secure your fertility for the future.


by phone: (22) 379 79 87


Price list

  • Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) 180 zł
  • Sperm DNA fragmentation test (SCD) 340 zł
  • MSOME 290 zł
  • Sperm analysis after vasectomy 150 zł
  • Hyaluronan binding assay (HBA) 230 zł
  • Mycoplasma/Ureaplasma sperm test 90 zł
  • Semen collection condom 80 zł

Fertility preservation

  • Sperm freezing 300 zł
  • 1-month deposit 120 zł
  • 6-months deposit 200 zł
  • 12-months deposit 300 zł


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